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Every Bollywood story plot runs around like a circle, it has a hero, heroine and villain. As every ending, must be a happy ending hero beats villain in the end and wins the movie and audience's heart, but always in a mid of the movie the hero faces a ruthless challenge with one henchman hired by a villain. In certain movies either the hero is beaten up by a henchman to death, which has a very less probability, but 90% henchmen get badly bashed by a hero who is either skinny or fat. In Bollywood, there were many protagonists’ actors who portrayed the role of a henchman, but they were considered like unsung characters who were only being hated for their onscreen persona. They acted with their best talent and quality.

My tribute to the 8 best Bollywood Henchmen whom we have forgotten.


The only thing which comes to the mind watching this white bald hunk is the famous dialogue from the movie “Kalia” which he somehow managed to pronounce in Hindi “Hum Jahan Kaade hote hain , line wahi se shuru hoti hay”(From where I stand the line beginnings from there). Bob is well known for his multiple roles he played as a henchman in a Bollywood movie. 

Very less movies wherein he played the role of Drug lord or Mafia Don. His real name was Robert John Christo born in Australia. His first debut was with Sanjay Khans movie “Abdullah”. Bob is always known for his signature fight step, wherein he grunts bulging his biceps before fighting with Hero. Bob died in 2011 at his Bangalore farmhouse. Bob was sounding very comic when he was versing the dialogues in Hindi. But the remarkable thing is that the delivery of that dialogue was superb. His role as a henchman in many Bollywood will be always remembered. 


Going back in the 90s, there was a huge wave of action movies which were being produced in Bollywood. Every action movie had mostly the same actors who have portrayed the role of a villain in the past. There were well known villains like iconic Amrish Puri, Rami Reddy, Mohan Joshi, Prem Chopra. All these legendary villains had one thing in common and I can say favourite,their henchmen. 

Gavin Packard was the well-known for his role as a henchman in many Bollywood action movies during the 90s. Gavin was born in Mumbai and he began his career as a henchman for the 1989 movie “Illaka”. Known for his strong naturally built physique this white guy was a trainer to the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Gavin is known for his role of SAMBO, his favourite stuntman and actor was Akshay Kumar. Gavin was very strict in terms of workouts. Being such a strong, tall guy he used to get bashed up by skinny heroes. Gavin died under a very poor condition in Vasai hospital in 2012 because of respiratory disorder. Gavin was also being considered and was the second favourite actor who portrayed the role of a henchman.


He wanted to become a dancer and indeed is a very good dancer, but in Bollywood movies back in the era of 80s and 90s, this dude was fit enough to play a role of a stylish henchman. The Mahesh debut movie was Sanam Teri Kasam where he was a dancer in one of the songs. He has performed in my events thumping lovely break dance steps. He is known for his stylish haircut, which keeps long straight hair at the back and trimmed in the front. Mahesh Anand has not only portrayed the role of a henchman, but he has also played the role of a Mafia don son in many movies. 

Mahesh stylish persona had made him look more like a villain and smart villain. Mahesh is not seen in any movies nowadays, but he is a producer and have started directing fitness program and cooking shows successfully through 2010. He was known for doing his own stunts and was once badly injured, for which he was being hospitalized for a long period. He was in news for a small altercation with Police in 2008 trying to help a friend regarding a theft resulted in a small personal fine. Being seen lots of ups and downs in life this man has always been a fighter in life. He is the 3rd best choice as the henchman in Bollywood movies.


I am sure we are very aware of the finest movies showcased in the year of 70s and 80s in Bollywood. The movie, which was a blockbuster in 1977 “Amar Akbar Anthony “not only the actors of the movie received a standing accolade and praises but also the side characters who played their respective roles. 

One man who played the role of a henchman, a bodyguard and a character dreaming of becoming a big smuggler by marrying the daughter of the villain. His stylish catholic name ZEBISCO was absolutely matching his personality. Yusuf Khan portrayed the role of a henchman in many movies back in 70s and 80s. His all onscreen names were fascinating. Be it JOHN RAGADA from “Bombay to Goa”, ZEBISCO from “Amar Akbar Anthony “or be it ROXIE from “Karz”. Yusuf Khan solid physique and playing ruthless characters in movies have made him the 4th best henchman in Bollywood movies who is not remembered at all today.


It was the early days of 1974 where there was a young Parsi Irani guy working out at National Health League gymnasium pumping irons and hefty bulging biceps uses to create envy among the others working out. A stone physique completely built without any intakes of steroids. Manik Irani was the popular actor who played the role only of a henchman in many Bollywood movies in 80s. 

This guy had hardly recited any dialogue in the movies. BILLA, BADSHAH, FRANCIS, JAAGAVAR, BATLI DADA was the characters of the henchman Manik Irani portrayed. His comic Kungfu steps which are being useless in front of a hero who just knocks him out with one slap and a kick. Manik Irani performed his own stunts and was known for his dangerous looks. His big eyebrows and beard was enough to scare the kids and the audience in the cinema hall. Manik Irani died because of an excessive intake of alcohol. He has never been heard nor being remembered anytime. Manik Irani fights and stony physique made him the 5th best henchman of Bollywood.


As every hero, back in the 1960s and 70s was being challenged and faced with one and only huge protagonist who had the strength to break the bones of anyone who tried to mess with him. His rugged physique, nasty looks, bald head and never smiling face made him the most iconic henchman of the Bollywood. 

He is known to be a father of henchman in Bollywood. Even legendary actors of 60s eras use to feel proud that they are facing this strong henchman, which can bend the iron rods vigorously. M. D. Shetty known as Shetty was the most powerful henchman in Bollywood. He started as a waiter in Cotton green after which he persuaded his career into Boxing and Body Building. His career started as a flight instructor in the 50s. He has played a role of a henchman is many movies, but his best was the role of Martin in Nasir Hussain’s movie “Yaadon ki Baarat”. He was very much respected among his peers in the industry. He passed away in 1982. He is a father of ROHIT SHETTY whom we all know today. Any actor or audience of that era would always remember Shetty as the best henchman in Bollywood and would be always No 1 Henchman of Bollywood movies.


Hope we all remember B. R. Chopra classic serial Mahabharata, which made us glued to our TV sets on every Sunday. The tall, huge, well-built, solid character of Bheem was played by Parveen kumar. Parveen Kumar is an Indian Athlete and have also played a character of henchman in many Bollywood movies. 

This 6 ft 11 inches’ tall guy is better known for his role as Mukhtar Singh in the movie “Shahenshah” of Amitabh Bachchan. Parveen Kumar, one hand is enough to handle 2 people easily. He contested the 2013 Delhi Legislative elections on an Aam Aadmi Party ticket, but lost. Subsequently, in 2014, he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. Praveen Kumar's debut film was Raksha, a James Bond style Indian movie starring Jeetendra with him playing a large henchman Gorilla inspired by Jaws of The Spy Who Loved Me. Parveen Kumar Sobti would be always remembered as the 7th best henchman of Bollywood.


I still remember in 1993 I saw this blockbuster movie “HUM” which was a multi-starrer movie. This movie had two legends acting as Brothers Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth. This movie had two funny villains and one funny solid henchman who was known as “CAPTAIN ZATTACK” who is always ready for an attack. 

I was curious to know who the hell is this funny guy who is getting bashed by heroes performing a dance step on the Prince finest number of 90s “BATMAN”. Shiva Rindani has not only played just a role of a plain henchman, but he always added some humour in his acting. He is known as a funny henchman. He started his career in 1981 movie Chashme Baddor. In lot, many movies his character name was also Shiva. Shiva Rindani is still very existing in the industry and is also a well know producer. Shiva will be always remembered as the best 8th Henchman of Bollywood.

We all know that every movie has a Hero and Heroine, but these characters add on a valuable spice in each movie which entertains us. The sad part is that these characters are never remembered anywhere. They have just been looked as a mediocre actor. My blog is to remember all these strong actors who have portrayed the role of a henchman and have entertained us, given us that wrath whenever our favorite hero is getting bashed by them or our favourite heroine is being getting harassed by them. 


  1. Très bon article, une mine d'informations !

  2. More articles like these pls to remember the forgotten B-listers who gave us so much enjoyments but are now forgotten.
    Hats off to Manik 'Billa' Irani.

  3. everybody has forgotten this legend

  4. wow nice....good to see atleast somebody like you cares enough to write some lines for the legends

  5. thanks for this article. for a long time I used to search for these actors, but couldn't get any information about their existence (in most of the cases). I also look for some more actors who didn't noticed. I searched a lot for mahesh anand but didnt even know his name before your article. thanks for this.

  6. Pls tell something about Anirudh Aggarwal and Gorilla..

  7. Pls tell something about Anirudh Aggarwal and Gorilla..

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  17. Praveen bhabi is defo on my list she was beautifuly elegant sharmila tafor and of course mumtaz, these actresses had fuller figures and were curly unlike barbie dolls of today. sony charishta

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